You may think that you’re the world’s coolest dad because you let your son stay up late to watch Die Hard last Christmas. You might think you’re the world’s coolest dad because you stepped it up and got a pedicure with your daughter when her mom couldn’t. You might be a little cool – but you’re not a dad known for creating cool.

Arizonian father, Kurt Struve, is now known as the guy that created cool. He’s an artist with a background in architecture, and oh, in his spare time, he rigs up his kid’s car seat so that it’s WATER-COOLED.

You’ve heard of water-cooled computers, right? The basic idea is that you blast cold water through your computer case, and it conducts the heat away from the computer’s innards, and back to a reservoir that re-cools the water. Only people that love the crap out of their computers do it – so it would only make sense that someone was eventually going to water-cool their kid.

If you think for a moment that you’re going to do this – you’re wrong. Take a second and visit Kurt’s website, and look at the “about” section. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


You’re not doing this project, and that’s why Kurt’s cool, and you’re not. But just in case you do, in fact, look like Indiana Jones, you’re going to need half of the bad-ass section of the hardware store, including a drill, tubing, couplings, clamps, 12VDC wiring, and “Darice Mesh,” which Kurt notes to get “the extra stiff kind,” as if I knew there was different kinds.

Anyway – Indiana Jones hats off to you, Kurt. Click through to see his project step-by-step.