My wife and I live in an apartment, and although we like to remind our friends and family that it’s pretty spacious for a place in Southern California, we’ve hit maximum capacity. When you have a baby, you’re supposed to register for and buy every retarded gadget and molded-plastic thing-a-ma-jig on the market. Problem is, since everything’s molded to some babylike-ergonomic shape, nothing stacks. Inevitably, you make do, and that usually means surrendering a closet to the clutter, and expecting one of those cartoonlike overflows when you open the door.

Well hot pigeon piss, check this out – it’s a folding tub.

Where was this when I needed it? Do you know where our tub is right now? It’s on the other side of my bedroom holding my shoes and a frisbee.

Through the magic of the internet, or the magic of living in the United Kingdom, you too can have a Flexibath. If you’ve got a time machine also, pick up an extra Flexibath and e-mail me for drop-off coordinates.

Sauce: Whitestep