If you’re still totally psyched for those hoverboards and Max Headroom-inspired fully-automated diners that you saw in Back to the Future II, then get ready, because 2015 might be coming sooner than we thought. That is to say, sooner than a mere 4.75 earth years from now.

Jeong Haedong and Bae Junseong designed something whose concept I hope catches on – a stroller than converts into a child’s bicycle and a shopping cart. Even if the design of this particular “Babyoom” is a little too futuristic, I think this is a great concept, and I’d love to see some of the current stroller brands catch on. Because as every father knows, the stroller conversation goes a little something like this –

Husband: I guess [INSERT CHILD NAME HERE] is too big for the stroller now. We spent all this money on the perfect stroller just to use it for less than a year?
Wife: I know how we can get our money’s worth – let’s have another baby.

(queue that tuba thing they play on Price Is Right when someone loses a game)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the ol’ stroller trap. You need a stroller. You need a good stroller. You love the good strollers…but they’re so expensive, and yes, sometimes, you’re only using that stroller for a year, depending on how tolerant your baby is of being strapped down. If you complain about how many dollars per day that stroller has cost you (every father does the calculation), your wife lets you know that you’ll be using it for your next baby. BLAM – all you wanted to do was be dollarwise, and all of the sudden, you’ve got two kids…I mean, not that you don’t love them.

We’ve seen the recent trends in strollers allowing for detachment of the pod section and installation as a “removable” car seat. But Jeong Haedong and Bae Junseong have come up with a great concept that will further extend the life of your stroller, and by extension, your dollar, so I don’t know about you, but I’m currently getting their names tattooed on my chest.

No word yet on if the stroller, shopping cart or bicycle attachment will have a Mr. Fusion.