I suppose it’s not too late, but I wish I had seen the Australian-based Mae Collection fabric wall decals when building our nursery. These vintage-looking, reusable wall decals earth-up even the most city-folked room, giving you a taste of the earth you’ve gradually and blatantly destroyed day after day with your plastic-loving, landfill-filling, chemical-kissing, poison-ingesting, kicking-mother-nature-in-the-birthing-canal ways. Which is to say that you’ve got to buy these right now, because soon enough, there will be no trees, owls, birds, deer or critters for you to admire outside of your windows. You know, because of the inevitably close nuclear holocaust.

Although I haven’t had a chance to get a hold of these decals personally – they look like a great addition to a nursery. I have Mod Pod monkey decals in my son’s room that I’d love to link to, but aren’t on the internet anymore because we bought them on clearance from Babies R Us…probably clearanced because there was some deadly chemical found in them. Chances are, it’s seeping out slowly and is airborne in the room right now, and as my 20-month-old is sleeping, his lungs are filling with it. I’ve come to peace with the idea. Wish I had bought those frikkin’ Mae Collection trees and critters. If nothing else, they made Kicking Bird cry, and that’s all the recommendation I need.

Sauce: Mae Collection