Jezebel’s got a story up about British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his paternity leave. Evidently, few British fathers actually take their allowed two week leave because they are afraid of job repercussions, or wait for it, wait for it – fear of being criticized. Because you should always put fear of your self-image above bonding with your kid.

But honestly, I think this is a nice ray of sunshine in the bleak world of public-eye dads. Good for you, Prime Minister. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for Cameron, as his paternity leave turns into bereavement leave due to his father’s recent passing.

Oh, and BTW, I totally forgot to grab a piece of that sweet, sweet California-approved paternity leave when my kid was born. That’s what I get for reading a chick website two years too late. I’m pretty sure I just took a 2-week vacation. Way to go, Zach.

Sauce: Jezebel