If you grew up in the 80’s like me, your cerebral cortex was dominated by images of what the future could look like in every video game and every movie with really bad special effects. I’m not talking about BTTF future here with hoverboards, flying cars and manure trucks at every turn – I’m talking about the Star Wars / Terminator / Tron / Marathon / Metroid / Mad Max road warrior future where lightcycle gangs with Samus robot arms carved their intergalactic way around the Death Space Mountain Star. Sh*t yah!

If I had to imagine what the future sounds like, Daft Punk is the most obvious and sensible choice to spearhead and create the soundtrack for Tron: Legacy. SO glad Disney chose them over, let’s say, Justice (I guess they’re still keeping it real with Myspace?). While fairly decent and somewhat interesting for 10 seconds in cuts, Justice just isn’t as polished as Daft. I could see Chemical Brothers or Crystal Method being ranked up in there for the plucking, but DP have always had that untouchable edge with integrity on every electro–perfected-track they produce.

I really want this movie to do well. Like, REALLY. I want the rumors of a future 2012 Disneyland Tron ride to be true. I want to be able to show my daughter, “SEE. This is why daddy is geeking out right now in Tomorrowland. Now wait here with mommy for a couple hours while I stand this line.”

Lightcycles, Daft Punk, The Dude.. all in 3D. The lines outside to get tickets for this movie will be ridiculous. I can’t f*cking wait. I’m going to say this movie will come close to the Avatar rankings of 2009.

If you want to hear 6 *confirmed* Daft tracks from the movie, check them out here.

Here is the official Disney Tron: Legacy page with 3 of the tracks. End of line.

Sauce: Cinema Blend