If you are a woman and have a cat(s), congratulations. You won 5 internets. 4 internets for actually being a woman on the internet. If you’re pregnant, you might want to re-think your role in taking care of the furries and then pass the scooper to the left hand side.

Just Mommies has a good article on toxoplasmosis and why cat litter should be avoided during pregnancy. However, even automatic self-cleaning litter boxes like the Littermaid are still risky if you’re handling the removal of the royal turds – since toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite and is an infection found in birds, mammals and fecal matter; the primary host is the cat family – and an even greater risk probability if your cat is allowed outdoors.

The good news is most adults do recover from toxoplasmosis without treatment. Many do not even show any signs of the disease. A majority of American adults have already been exposed to this disease, in which case most are now immune.

This is different with unborn children. If a pregnant woman cleans the litter box of an infected cat, she may get the parasite. If she is already immune there’s not much to worry about, but maybe she isn’t. She may not show any symptoms and it is very possible that the fetus becomes infected with the parasite too.

It could result in miscarriage, early delivery, poor growth or stillbirth. A child born with this parasite may get eye problems, convulsions or mental disabilities. However, some infected babies do not develop any disease at all.

Sauce: Just Mommies