Canadian researchers (as if we trust them) just concluded a study on manganese in tap water, and found that there is a direct correlation between consumption of tap water and children’s IQ. In a 350-child study, the researchers found that the children that were more dependent upon tap water were, on average, six IQ points more stupider than their bottled-water-drinking sissy friends.

Manganese is not regulated in the United States or Canada, but the Environmental Protection Agency (whose website will put you to sleep) does recommend safe levels at no more than 300 micrograms per liter. What’s interesting is that 96% of the kids in the Canadian study drank water well within the 400mcg/l World Health Organization. Whoops.

Read the article for more details of the study. In our home, we’ve been filling our child’s bottles and sippy-cups up with water from Brita pitchers since his birth (technically before, since my wife somehow drank a whole pitcher every day of her pregnancy). Brita pitchers don’t specifically mention manganese as a mineral that is removed or reduced during filtration in their pitchers, so I suppose my kid is also 6 points short of his potential. I still feel that with all of the nasties we find in our municipally-provided water, however, it’s a small step to take to put some sort of filter on the water that goes in your kid’s face. I don’t buy into the bottled water hype, and I think it’s unreasonably expensive to give to a kid who’s just going to literally piss it out within 60 minutes. So, I love my child, but not enough to pay for water. I hope he reads this someday and is proud.

That being said, it’s too late for me, so I just drink straight out of hose, and use the Brita to filter cheap vodka.

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