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Absent Father = Early Puberty In Girls
10 years ago

Absent Father = Early Puberty In Girls

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Researchers (you know…those guys) have found that girls growing up in homes without a biological father present tend to physically mature sooner than those still living with the biological father. I know what you’re saying – it’s a simple explanation: fathers are always the ones that tell their daughters “you’re not wearing that around the neighborhood, missy,” or “cover up if you’re going to be around boys,” or even my favorite “you’re graduating from 8th grade, not whore school.

We all assumed, because we know so much about science, that a girl’s physical maturity is linked with the their’ BMIs – you know, with that “Beef Hormone Controversy” that never really proved that the meat in school lunches made schoolgirls’ boobs bigger. Okay, the study technically says “breast enlargement in very young girls and boys,” but I write for an audience and my audience demands sensationalism.

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