The long-and-the-short of it is: Carmen Jones, her cousin and their two grandsons stay in the illustrious Wyndham Garden Hotel in downtown Atlanta. Carmen Jones’ 4-Year Old grandson somehow, had someone’s used condom in his mouth, and was blowing it up like a balloon. He now has oral herpes.

You will, of course, never travel without a portable black light after reading this.

Now, the smaller, disputed details. After reading a couple versions of this news story, I haven’t really nailed down when this condom appeared in the bed. Some stories say that Carmen ran out of the bathroom to discover her grandson blowing the used condom up like a balloon. Other sources say that the condom was found in the bed after they had already stayed in the room for awhile. Carmen said that the room had no soap, cups, or enough towels when they had arrived, but she took a nap there anyway since they had a long day at Six Flags Georgia already.

The grandson was tested for HIV and STDs after his health began to decline, but it’s not clear as to how long the trip went on before they saw a doctor. The boy was negative for HIV and STDs, but has oral herpes. It’s also not clear as to if doctors are 100% attributing the oral herpes to the condom…but let’s be honest, it was a used condom. The kid didn’t get oral herpes from a churro at Six Flags.

And I guess no charges were pressed against the hotel, which according to some website, somewhere, was shut down and is now housing local college students.