Everyone knows that 8BitDad is a hard-hitting up-to-the-minute news source for fathers, potential fathers, fans of fathers, and wives that want to know about their fathers and fathers of their children. That is why we’re reporting the Similac recall right now, as opposed to nearly a week ago, like other news sources. We were busy telling you the important news…I mean, just think of all the great stuff we’ve covered in the last week – Katy Perry had her boobs out on Sesame Street, and for the love of Christ, Halo: Reach was released.

Anyway, we don’t want to bore you with the details – that’s why we’ve linked the Wall Street Journal article above and Similac’s recall page below. Here’s a summary of the important details: blah blah blah, bug parts, bug larvae, blah blah Similac powdered something-or-other.

Seriously though, if you use Similac (and why would you, you big dummy, when the generic Kirkland brand from Costco is cheaper and almost identical), check out your lot numbers on the recall site. You don’t want your kid eating larvae and crap like that. I mean, my kid licks the bottoms of peoples’ shoes and eats month-old food that he’s left himself under the couch…and he’s okay. He actually ate part of a ladybug at the park once, when I was trying to demonstrate to him the majesty of nature. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it – you probably don’t need to check your lot numbers. Bug legs and larvae won’t kill them. In fact, as the saying goes, it will probably make them stronger.