I’ve got nothing intelligent to say about this, so I’m just going to leave you with an obvious-and-uncreative header graphic, and then a little BS, and then the link to the real info. Because it’s 10am on a Monday, and our statistics show that no one reads our site until Wednesday afternoon. So we’ve got a couple of days until we need to really start posting good content. So, without further ado, a little BS and a link:

Fisher-Price is recalling what I can only describe as “everything,” from plastic trike thingies to baby gymnastic thingies. Chances are, you own like 18 of these items. Now, I didn’t read the whole reason for recalls, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere in there that pieces of the toys can break off and explode violently in your child’s hand or mouth, causing burns, contusions, decapitation and death.

Just kidding, I think it’s all just choking hazards, which, let’s be honest – your baby or toddler has had everything in your home in their mouth. You’ve had to physically put your hand in their throat to pull out a ballpoint pen. You’ve had to monitor their diapers for your wedding ring. Etc. Etc.

Sauce: Inhabitots