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Witching Hour: Newborns
10 years ago

Witching Hour: Newborns

It’s 11pm: you’ve tried stepping outside, a change in atmosphere, loud music, driving them in their car seat with the windows down, and your baby is still going apesh*t with no signs of colic since it happens at the same time every night for a short period of time. AND it’s not even Halloween. What do you do? What can you do?

So you tell a close relative or friend (that has children) about what you’re going through and they spit back “Ahh, sounds like the witching hour”. First of all, not everyone who knows about the witching hour is a witch. So don’t try to find out if they are, in fact, a witch.

What’s rad is that this newborn phase is short-lived (roughly 4-8 weeks), and it is different for every baby. Read on to harvest more information about your newly acquired demon baby.

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