There’s a lot of “World’s Greatest Dad” gear out there, but nothing as true as this Darth Vader shirt for sale on Zazzle (given the fact Vader resides on Earth now; hence our ‘World’, which is ironic since he is from Tatooine).

Now. There are some interesting facts to this shirt which I will explain. When you wear this shirt, you are acknowledging the great possibility to be humbled by the fact that there is another dad out there who is greater than you.

Not great like, “Damn… that was some great Tang!”. More like “Damn… that was a great nuclear explosion!”.

See the difference?

This shirt also brings up an interesting question. What the slogan (“World’s Greatest Dad”) fails to fully address is whether the Dad – in this case, you – is aligned with good/light or evil/dark. You can be the best and greatest good Dad out there, but can you force choke a b*tch from across the room?


Not so great now, are we?

Respect the shirt.

Sauce: Zazzle