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Star Trek Baby Costume
10 years ago

Star Trek Baby Costume

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Here at 8BD, we have spent a good portion of our short-lived lives immersed in geek culture. Whether it be in early life; spending days trying to figure out how to beat Mike Tyson in Punch Out, to our adolescent years; discussing easter eggs in Back To The Future II while planning an invasion during a heated battle of Risk, and now; we present our immortal, omnipresent, socially-aware robotic brains to the php and css gods of the internets. We’re children of the 80s. We grew up with this sh*t.

Okay, now. There are some underlying rules when it comes to dressing up your baby for Halloween. For example, this is one of them: “Don’t dress your kid up like an assh*le”. Fairly simple enough, yet surprisingly debatable due to the wide variety of geek.

Here’s what we have to say.

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