What did YOUR father ever do with you? Play stick ball? Paint? Go to the zoo and look at animals? Awesome, your dad is cool, I guess.

Leave it to the internet to once again remind me that my upbringing was tame and that I’m already falling behind in the rad dad race. Luke Geissbühler and his family MacGuyvered a helium-filled weather balloon to an insulated styrofoam container, which acted as housing for an HD video camera, and included an iPhone to relay GPS coordinates (so he could retrieve it when it fell back to Earth). He also included some hand warmers to keep the equipment from freezing in space. Evidently when you’ve got an umlaut in your name, you think of everything. Geissbühler says the project cost between $400 and $500, and he followed all of the FAA rules for unmanned spacecraft.

Check out the weather balloon’s journey below – BTW, we’re all late to the party, this thing’s at 1.5 million views since it was posted in September.

When all was said and done, Geissbühler’s balloon flew more than 100 minutes, reaching an altitude of 100,000 feet. In comparison, I recently impressed my kid by flying a paper airplane from our living room to our kitchen, 20 feet, at a peak altitude of 6 feet. It was in the air for roughly 3 seconds. My kid will be 2 in January; it thrilled the piss out of him and I was a god for almost two more minutes afterwards, until my wife took out a string cheese for him.

Luke Geissbühler’s seven year old son, Max, probably crapped his pants for 100 minutes straight. What a cool-ass family DIY project.