There’s nothing funny about heartless, desperate, degenerate revenge – especially when it’s because of a deep-seeded grudge that is so insignificantly trivial, spawning two years prior, over ONE incident.

What makes this story a bit unique is the internet justice that has been served – where as 10 years ago, this would have been quiet news that would eventually be tossed away like yesterday’s jam. Rest assured, if you’re a giant douche and there’s a camera pointed at you, karma will blast right back in your stupid jerk face.

TrueCrimeReport talks about the c-word pictured above (the one on the left):

Her launch into the realm of epic evil began two years ago when the family of 7-year-old Kathleen Edwards threw a party on the front lawn of their Trenton, Michigan home.

It was a splendid affair complete with one of those bouncy houses. So Petkov, who lives across the street, texted Rebecca Rose, Kathleen’s grandmother, asking if she could bring her own kids to the party.

But it seems Rebecca was a little slow in responding that day. You can imagine that she was just a bit busy. Besides, it’s a little forward to invite yourself to someone else’s party — especially when you’re Jennifer Lyn Petkov and even God hates you.

The delay in response pissed Petkov off. So she would spend the next two years taunting her neighbors over the slight.

At this point, you should know that 7-year-old Kathleen Edwards has a degenerative brain disorder that will lead to her death some day. She’s in the final stages of Huntington’s Disease. You should also know that Kathleen’s mother died from the same illness.

So a decent woman would try to reach out of a family cursed by such illness. But Petkov is not a decent woman. Instead, she created a Facebook page devoted to taunting mother and daughter. She posted of a picture of the little girl with crossbones on her. She also posted a photo of Kathleen’s mother hugging the Grim Creeper. Finally, she and her husband Scott parked a truck in front of their home that carried a homemade coffin.

These pathetic human sacks of piss, Scott and Jenny Petkov, didn’t estimate the full force of the internet to retaliate with this story and turn something so evil into something good.

An Ann Arbor toy company has already raised $12,000 for a shopping spree for the little girl, as donations roll in from across the globe. She’s received messages of support from as far away as Germany and Japan. And she’ll be invited onto the ice when Disney On Ice rolls into Detroit. In the end, it looks like the Petkovs’ plan to torture the family severely backfired.

Stay classy, Petkovs!

Update 10/14/10 @ 2:27pm

We have since learned that Mrs. Petkov has apologized, regretting her actions with “If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t do it.” Hahaha what a sociopath. Actually these updates are a couple days old – we were just pretty lazy and didn’t get around to posting an update until today.

Powerful internet communities have also contributed by releasing the 4chan hounds and Reddit donating to Kathleen Edwards and her family.

It seems as though the eggs, pizza deliveries, and the backlash of positive reinforcement (or her meth delivery) caused Jennifer to reflect on what her disgusting actions actually mean to future human society.

Her husband, Scott, weighs in on their own stupidity.

Sauce: TrueCrimeReport