I remember reading green-parenting site Inhabitots some time ago and seeing a post about making breast milk soap. I thought, “wow, people…do…this. Like, on purpose. And they’re not high up in a mountain overlooking Shaolin or something.”

Then a couple of months later, they reported on Chef Daniel Angerer, some crazy dad that couldn’t bear to watch his wife’s breast milk to go waste. So, he did what any eco-conscious chef would do – he made cheese from it. Now, don’t get me wrong – it sounds like a winning combination: I get to think about boobs and eat cheese at the same time. But I’m conflicted…where does it go from being green to gross? Is it okay to consume something made from your own wife’s breast milk, but not someone else’s breast milk? Inhabitots mentions restaurants in other countries that are reportedly offering breast milk dishes on their menus.

Take a walk through some of Inhabitot’s best breast milk finds, and don’t blame us if you come out of it feeling a little weird. And remember, if you decide this lifestyle’s for you, it’s only fair game that if you’re consuming your wife’s “extra” juices, she’s consuming yours.