THQ’s anticipated platform for artists big and small is set for a November release, and I’ve yet to find a person that’s not totally excited. Take a moment and try to remember how rad that one kid in your neighborhood was when he got the Vtech Video Painter – that’s how your kid is going to be when he gets the uDraw. I mean, not that we’re espousing the link between material possessions and popularity. Okay, maybe a little.

Video after the break

uDraw will be packed with the uDraw Studio (kind of pictured above), and at the time of launch, two other games – Pictionary, and Dood’s Big Adventure will also be available. We’ll have a review of the uDraw for you in November, because I can’t wait to sit down with little guy and draw a little. We’ll see if he can understand the concept of “gentle” and “expensive”, because so far, he hasn’t. Speaking of expensive, the uDraw (with uDraw Studio) will not be – the bundle has an MSRP of $69.99. That’s the same price you pay for some “limited editions” of other games.

If none of this sounds exciting yet, check out this video of artist David Kassan totally wrecking any hope you had of being the top-rated uDraw-er out there: