Usually, your iPod is what helps get your wife pregnant because you’ve got such smooth and sexy playlists on it. But Doug and Ashlee Wilson of Russellville, Arkansas blame Ashlee’s pregnancy on just the opposite – the loss of their iPod Touch.

Doug uses his iPod and iPhone for everything. In addition to making calls, playing music, and mundane crap like that, Doug uses his iPhone for things like lighting his path while walking his dog at night. Dead serious quote from Doug: “I live in Arkansas, so I don’t want to step on a snake or anything.” Doug lives life iPhone-in-hand 24/7…and for good reason.

I believe the term “confirmation bias” refers to your mental likelihood to seek out information that confirms your already-established opinion. Or, in other words, you constantly try to prove to yourself that you’re right.

Doug and Ashlee Wilson, I think, just did it. One night, the couple misplaced their iPod Touch, and, well, touched without it. Doug and Ashlee are now expecting a baby girl. Turns out not having their iPod Touch around made it impossible for Ashlee to check her iPod app that explained the “ins and outs” of the rhythm method. And, well, who’s going to let something like that get in the way of gettin’ it on?

Sauce: Huffington Post