So this really has nothing to do with parenting, but if you have an extra 80k laying around your foreclosed home, now is the time to be a jerk and buy something important to humanity.

Actually, do it 18 days from now. iCollector has the most technically accurate replica of the iconic DeLorean Time Machine from Back To The Future.

See how accurate this beast measures up with a few photos after the jump.

“It took the original production builders, headed by Special Effects Coordinator, Kevin Pike, ten weeks to build the three cars they used during production of Back to the Future. It took Mr. Walser and his team four years to replicate it. Due to the extreme rarity of the actual screen-accurate vintage parts on this vehicle (only one of many of them has ever been found), another replica of this accuracy can never be achieved again.”

Um, yah. Basically what this means is you will NOT be paying 80k, you will be spending upwards into the low 200s for this amazing 1980’s masterpiece replica. You will not drive it. You will memorize the mileage. In fact, you will just keep it in the garage and rub it with a diaper.