I wish I had come up with this concept. The dad on LyingToMyKids.com sat his son and daughter down, and explained to them, (in slightly unconvincing detail), that they were found on the side of a road after their planet, Krypton, was destroyed. Genius. Of all the recycled crap out there on the internet, I’ve never seen someone try to pass off a movie plot – let alone something classic like Superman – as their kids’ origin.

Now, aside from the whole convincing them they’re adopted aspect (which could have backfired in a terrible way), this is hilariously brilliant. I can’t help but feel like if he had printed out some Photoshopped pictures and really sold the act with a photo album or something, he could have pulled a bigger reaction out of the kids. But as is, it’s pretty funny.

And you can’t find a more pure summary of the difference between women and men in those kids; the daughter immediately protests and says it isn’t true…the son doesn’t care one way or another.

I’m assuming since the site says “Episode One”, there will be more of these. I can’t wait.

Sauce: LyingToMyKids.com