Remember when we were kids, and our parents only had wackos and molesters to worry about while they checked our Halloween candy?

Well, it turns out that candy manufacturers themselves have been slipping extra doses of ingredients like…LEAD into Halloween candy, amongst other things like peanuts in candy that isn’t supposed to have peanuts, or “foreign particles and metals.” WTF, shrapnel? Seriously? has consolidated a list of six candy companies that are recalling their products before Halloween. You can see the full list of products and lot numbers after the jump, but after the candy gets broken down to fun-size handouts, you’re probably not going to be able to tell which batch or lot number your kiddo’s RAISINETS came from.

It is probably best just to pitch anything mentioned in the post, but do it where the tyke doesn’t have to see it, okay? Doing it in front of them is just messed up.