There’s an old parable about a fox, a lantern and a 200 year old oak tree. I’m not all that sure how it goes, but it ends up that the moral of the story is that the fox gets burned by the lantern. Laughs ensue.

In other news, Dollar Tree had a recall on little janky halloween lanterns. See their official release after the break.

Here’s the official press release for the latern recall, straight from Dollar Tree:

Whoops, that was actually CSI: Miami’s recall message. The official Consumer Product Safety Commission’s is below.

Just in case you didn’t figure out what went wrong with these, it has something to do with the bulb getting hot and melting your kid’s fingers together. Just think – on a night made to celebrate nightmares, mutilated monsters and little children parading around in rubber suffocation suits, your child could have been hurt.

Sauce: Consumer Product Safety Commission