Green dudes over at Inhabitots cover the next chapter in the cell phone/cancer debate, with a mention of a new book out, awkwardly and lengthily-titled “Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family.” In DTTACPRWTIHDTHIAHTPYF (yeah, like I was going to type that title again), Dr. Devra Davis talks about – you guessed it – cell phone radiation and evidently the reasons why when we report on cool apps for your child, we’re knowingly and maliciously giving your kid cancer. Oops…sorry.

Davis may have a great point. Who cares about my brain – I had my shot in life. But my young child’s brain is still growing and developing…when I let him touch my cell phone (which I don’t), am I pointing a death ray at his brain? The truth is, cell phones are still relatively “new” in the grand scope of things, and we just don’t have a lot of real long-term studies on what happens when you point a cell phone at a person’s face from birth to adulthood. The best we’ve got is studies that have spanned over ten years proving that they increase the risk of two types of brain tumors. You know, because with brain tumors, you definitely need to dice up the types.

In any event, at least read the Inhabitots post (it’s an intimidating 5 pages but quick, small paragraphs). They bring up a good point that no one thought smoking was bad until embarrassingly recent.

It’s just about as hard to find a mermaid’s vagina as it is to find someone who doesn’t already know about the whole cell phone/cancer link. But have we really thought about it? Have we thought about its impact on our kids? Maybe it’s time we take our great power with great responsibility and do some hard reading about what we might be doing to the ones we love. If you don’t love your kids, then by all means, skip the reading and let your kids talk on a cellphone while surfing the net with a cellphone in their pants.

Sauce: Inhabitots