My wife went into full on nesting/baking mode during the last week of her pregnancy. We were kicking back on Labor Day weekend while she was browsing for some different cooking applications on her iPhone. She wanted to try an app that could make searching for recipes a little less stressful and more portable when we would have our little one around.

I floated her my original-gangster 3G not too long ago (which she loves – and is consequently bat-sh*t slow compared to the iPhone 4). She decided that she was going to nest and turn out some bomb-ass cookies, 39 weeks into her pregnancy (I said that she was nesting, she had no idea what she was doing).

Keep in mind that this app is not only for parents or pregnant womens. This is just a really awesome app to have, whether you know how to cook or not. All you need is the time and a little reading comprehension. And money.. or food stamps. OR a really nice relative or friend with money. Or a personal chef. Preferably one with an iPhone.

My wife searched for a classic yet simple desert that wouldn’t take too much time to make. She found this recipe for Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies in less than 2 minutes.

What she didn’t expect to find was how easy it was to search on the iPhone for what she wanted to make. She decided on 3 different types of cookies: chocolate chip, butterscotch oatmeal and walnut. We headed out to the grocery store after taking inventory on some ingredients that she would need.

If you’re familiar with the main site, the free iPhone app has all the same search and browse functions as The Pro $2.99 version has a little bit more for the hardcore chef who would like a more mobile experience where access is available to Recipe Boxes, search by ingredients, share recipes, create shopping lists and a dynamic serving calculator where your list automatically updates when you change the number of servings in a recipe.

It’s useful to have I believe, and milage will vary. You will find no shortage of use with the free version in my opinion.

The really awesome thing about this app is the amount of information you are able carry around the kitchen for the counter-space. There’s no big book, no laptop to spill stuff on, and you can take it to the store with you to pick up what you’re missing and look up favorites or even discover new things to try based on what’s on sale.

Start off with the free version. It has a lot of casual features that everyone can use. If you get hooked and find yourself getting fairly hardcore about cooking and/or shopping, go Pro for just a few bucks. It just might save you the ‘DOH’ moments when you get home and realize you forgot an ingredient or bought too much or too little.