The basic story: A North Carolina man, David Green Jr., (who we have no background info on), was decapitated by his girlfriend and kids. His body was kept in their freezer, and the two kids, his 17 year old daughter and 15 year old son, showed his body off to friends and fed parts of the body to their pit bull.

Look, even if they find that this David guy was an abusive monster toward the girlfriend and kids, there’s kind of no excuse for this kind of mutilation. The girlfriend and kids should be locked away for awhile.

The plot thickens and there’s stolen money involved, concerned neighbors and lots of grim discoveries by the authorities. Moral of the story is: keep your fridge stocked so there’s no room in there…for you. Sad face.

BEFORE YOU GO, I present a palette cleanser: Random dad walking in Paris looks up at his son’s request, sees a baby falling from the sky, and CATCHES THE BABY. OMG, mai hero!

Ugh, now back to the unfunny news link.

Sauce: True Crime Report