You’re probably not too interested ever to hear talk about your little bundle of joy mixed up with talk about pimpin’, but hear me out. The Pimp My Ultrasound iPhone app by 2 Wise Guys, LLC is a fun and simple photo-enhancement tool that you will get at least as much fun out of as you get from your iPhone lightsaber (admit it dude…we all have it).

The Pimp My Ultrasound iPhone app, named in the spirit of the MTV show, Pimp my…never mind, you know what they named it after… Well it’s a really fun app for parents expecting their first child, or their next child (or their next after that) who are tired of looking at the same fuzzy black-and-white images of skeletal babies in the womb.

The app is VERY simple and intuitive to use. It allows you to upload images quickly from your phone and modify them with objects from different menus to customize your ultrasound photo in different ways. It includes objects such as hats and glasses, which can be drug around the image, and adjusted for size with the well-practiced “pinch” technique. The objects can also be rotated easily with finger movements. Other objects menus include a variety of accessories, ranging from a rock guitar to a diamond-encrusted gold medallion. You know, everything you’ll need to “pimp out” the earliest photos you have of your little pumpkin…

What? You didn't think I would go there?

The app also includes text bubbles that you can add to your ultrasound images either to compliment the pimptacular props you’ve included in the pic, of to give a shout-out to grandma and grandpa. There is also a menu of cool frames and ribbons that say things like “It’s a boy!” if you want to make your ultrasound photo part of the announcement (but maybe just use the baby’s profile image for those, and not the close-up shot of your child’s, uhm, “prince”).

Like a friend of mine who posted one of those images on Facebook said: “If I’m a really good Mommy, this will be the only photo of my daughter’s labia that ends up on the Internet.”

So why should you get this app? Well, for one, it’s a free app. If you’ve got an iPhone, you’ve really got no reason not to try it. It’s fast uploading images from your phone, AND saving them back to your Photos. Heck, if you got it just to paste silly text bubbles next to awkward photos you have of your friends this is even a handy app for that.

So check it out. The Pimp My Ultrasound app has this 8-Bit Dad’s five-star endorsement. Find it on the iTunes App Store.