Says the woman: “I mean, he was my first grandson, and I don’t feel that way because at the same time he is my fourth son.” And so it goes for the yet-unnamed 50 year old woman in Mexico.

I can’t tell if this is a Mexican soap opera or a touching story about family. The woman’s son, “Jorge,” is a homosexual, so he did what any dude who wanted a kid would do – “Mom,” he said, “I’m going to need you to step up and give birth to my kid.” Jorge’s childhood friend donated the egg. She’s already married, so renting her uterus was probably not an option.

The underlying issue, of course, is, regardless of sexual orientation, how the child will be raised. I don’t know the climate of artificial insemination, nor do I know about the dynamics of the family unit in Mexico. But I wonder if Jorge plans on raising the child with his mother acting as the female influence in the child’s life. I wonder why he hadn’t waited to find a spouse or mate, and then adopt. As they say nowhere – it’s all Mexican to me.