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I’m a big fan of time-lapses. I’m an even bigger fan of dads that make their little one’s dreams come true.

Check out this video Michael Cobra uploaded last week.

Are Your Kids Safe Now? Amazon Pulls Book About Pedophilia
8 years ago

Are Your Kids Safe Now? Amazon Pulls Book About Pedophilia

By  •  News, in what can only be referred to as “getting their ass handed to them”, has pulled a controversial e-book titled The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure. The bigger issue: are our kids safer now because of it?

Author, Phillip Greaves, a 47 year old retird nurse’s aide, said that before the book was pulled from Amazon’s website, over 300 copies had been bought from the Kindle’s online store. He also received over 3,000 complaints about the book, which sold for $4.79. On a humorous note, I wonder how many of the sales were to publications and journalists just so they could take a photo of the e-book for their articles.

Here’s the real kicker – Greaves said that before the internet and media hit uproar status, he’d only sold ONE solitary copy. The media, as it seems, created its own monster. Again. We do this from time to time.

Naturally, Greaves says that he does not promote pedophilia. [Long pause]

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