Kevin Metzger, “Thedadvocate” at DadRevolution, put up a little blurb about something he’s forgotten lately – to hold his three year old’s hand more often. He mentions that his younger daughter gets the shaft, as his older daughter usually gets the hand-holding because of her cerebral palsy.

It got me thinking – what simple thing am I forgetting to do?

I know I don’t sit down on the floor with my son as much as I should. A lot of times after work, I’ll flap down onto the couch or worse – into my second office-chair of the day in front of my computer – leaving my son to either fend for himself, or try to get my attention in less constructive ways. I often forget that to me, it’s a no-brainer to sit on the couch – but to an almost-2 year old, he’s more happy trucking around our apartment and playing with whatever he can reach on the floor. If I’m down there, I’m automatically more engaged in his life, and he’s more likely to sit with me. You’d be surprised what kind of attention span you can pull out of a 2 year old during a Lakers game if you’re just sitting on the floor with some Mega Bloks in front of you.

Thanks Kevin, for reminding me – just in time for the Lakers game tonight!