A couple of days ago, some dudes from the Department of Psychology at Connecticut’s own Yale University School of Medicine leveled-up the debate about whether gaming is bad for your kid. The researchers noted that most studies focus on aggression, and not other health factors. Their conclusion was, in all of its researcherly-worded talkabout:

“The prevalence of problematic gaming is low but not insignificant, and problematic gaming may be contained within a larger spectrum of externalizing behaviors. More research is needed to define safe levels of gaming, refine the definition of problematic gaming, and evaluate effective prevention and intervention strategies.”


I think what this means, if I’m not mistaken, is that we’re never going to see the end of studies about whether your kid will become a big, fat serial killer after playing Kirby’s Epic Yarn. They did, however, find that boys that game tend to smoke less and have a higher grade average. Girls that game tend to not drink…but are also more likely to carry weapons. Insert “gun show” joke about a buff chick’s arms here.

If you’ve got some downtime, the full text of the study is actually pretty interesting.

Sauce: American Academy of Pediatrics