I know this should be put in the “Around the Internets” category since it’s just a simple video, but of all the topics we’ve covered at 8BitDad, one of the MOST important is talking to your kids about Star Wars. There’s many ways to do it, and not all of them are correct. I mean, you don’t just sit your kid down in front of the television on a rainy day and let them watch The Phantom Menace on Spike TV. There’s a process.

Mega-dude site Asylum.com addresses the issue in a short video. Among the discussed issues – do you start with Phantom Menace or A New Hope? Do you let them watch the Special Editions of the original trilogy? Did Han Solo shoot first? The answers, of course, are ANH, no, and s**t yeah he did.

Have you talked to your kids about Star Wars yet? If you don’t – someone will, and that person will be wearing a Jar Jar Binks t-shirt. Nobody wants that.