During dinner tonight (which if you’re on the east coast…let’s pencil in for tomorrow), you might find yourself in a discussion about BirthOrNot.com – a website run by Pete and Alisha Arnold, asking people to vote on whether or not to abort their unborn child.

Because gentlemen, this is the kind of stuff chicks lovvvve to chat about, and you know it. But, better this than something they saw on TMZ or Dancing With the Stars.

The issue came and went pretty quickly, which means it’ll be on television news in a couple of weeks. The jist of it all – anti-abortion activist internet troll Pete Arnold creates BirthOrNot.com to let the public vote on whether his wife will abort their child. It goes viral, and the Arnolds back up their story with pictures and a YouTube channel (now taken down). The site gets all sorts of attention, and journalists online and otherwise start digging. People find that Pete’s former online persona named “Zeeboid” had made anti-abortion comments on other political sites in the past, and slowly, two-and-two are put together. 4chan’s NSFW /b/ forum got involved in the voting, and everyone had a good laugh.

Although this hasn’t been officially ruled as a hoax as of yet, people are calling B.S. and most of the internet is moving on with their week.

In future news, Pete Arnold was hired as Director of Marketing at BP.

Sauce: CityPages.com