Now that I’m married and have a kid, I’m not all that interested in Maxim Magazine and FHM. Since we’re being honest, I wasn’t all that interested in the first place – but got cheap subscriptions from I wasn’t interested in the extreme sports, the drinking and rabid-woman-chasing articles (and pictorials) those magazines offered. In an age where you have unlimited access to nude women on the internet, who needs 5 pictures of a mostly-dressed movie star? Actually, that might be a different article for a different site.

Rhodri Marsden of England’s The Independent discusses a similar topic – why men’s magazines just don’t speak to him. He discusses exactly what it is these magazines offer – and what it might be that causes a disconnect between the writers and readers. “While this is obviously a cursory spin through,” Marsden notes, “much of the content could be summed up as cars, tits, danger, six-packs, tits, booze, football, tits, and tits.”

I’ll be honest: the only magazines I read nowadays are either music or video game-related, and even those are on their last straw with me, as the music magazines tend to be too politically-charged nowadays, and the video game magazines cover news I read a month prior on the internet. I, coincidentally, did like Geek Monthly Magazine but stopped reading it when I was laid off.

Are there any “good” men’s magazines out there? Do you read anything outstanding? Marsden and I would be interested to know.