This one comes from my friend Susie, who happened to take this photo of a Fisher-Price depiction of Jesus at a nativity scene.

Now I’m not Jewish, but I could go on about how Fisher-Price doesn’t manufacture a toy dreidel but only gives you directions on how to make your own. Or how they don’t have a mini menorah for Jewish children. Is there some Jewish toy manufacturer cornering the market or something?

Religion toy capitalization debate aside, there are some “cool” factors here.

Baby Jesus “Cool” Factors

  1. The big J is obviously pumped up for all the presents, sporting the double thumbs-up.
  2. Extremely happy as noted by the cheeky smile.
  3. Pretty chubby for having some poor ass parents.
  4. He’s tripping balls, dilated pupils.
  5. Suitably in a tub of melted cheese. Mmmm… cheese fries.
  6. Totally looks like Conan O’Brien.