Ken Wooden, the dude behind Child Lures Prevention, somehow read between the lines: the new TSA pat-downs, he says, are grooming our children to be compliant regardless of whether the pat-down is TSA or sexual predator-administered. Booyah, take that, TSA!

Children, known for hiding grenades and sticks of dynamite behind their junk, get a “modified pat-down”, according to the TSA website.

The TSA, in order to reduce childrens’ fears of having a strange persons’ hands on them, have turned it into a “game.” Wooden told Raw Story that children aren’t mentally sophisticated enough to distinguish between a TSA pat-down and a predator pat-down. Wooden says the TSA’s pat-downs can “desensitize children to inappropriate touch and ultimately make it easier for sexual offenders to prey on our children.”

So if you’re planning on traveling this holiday season, do yourself, your child, and the TSA a favor and just bring your child to the airport nude. Or get them a 4th Amendment shirt.

Sauce: The Raw Story