In across-the-pond legal news: Matthew Starmore, a Welsh dude working for “New Fathers 4 Justice,” (whose members have been arrested multiple times in superhero costumes) is currently on trial for possession of explosives and stolen goods. Starmore, a father of three who has already spent time in jail on other charges, now denies association with the father’s group. In a personal journal read in court, he mentioned that what he was stocking up for what would be “the most dramatic, climatic and hard-hitting events since World War Two.”

So, needless to say, most real men’s and father’s groups are probably not looking to pick this dude up in the 2011 Father’s Rights Draft.

Updated 11:40am: I changed my whole slant about NF4J since upon reading other articles, the organization itself is legitimate. Starmore’s actions weren’t necessarily representative of the all other members’ intentions.

Updated 1/30/2011: Matthew’s long comment has been reprinted here.

Sauce: BBC