Three dads in Quebec are set to launch a coupon program for local taxis called “Taxi Cool”, that allows for $5 and $10 coupons to be accepted by major taxi fleets in the area.

The three fathers are emotionally-invested in the idea – Nicola Di Iorio, Michel Méthot and François Rozon almost lost their daughters in a car accident back in July, caused by a drunk driver racing with another person on the road.

The Taxi Cool coupons don’t expire – and the fathers, Di Iorio, Méthot and Rozon – as well as Quebec Minister of Transport Sam Hamad, hope that parents will give their children the coupons when they go out for the evening. I guess the idea behind it is that if you give your kids cash for a taxi, you don’t know if they’ll just pocket the money and find a ride, but with taxi-specific coupons, they’re more likely to take the pre-paid trip.

Hamad stresses that especially during the stormy holiday season, accident rates rise, so this program is a welcome addition.

The program starts December 16, and as mentioned, most major taxi fleets are involved in the program. If you’re a dad in Quebec with teenagers itching to party this holiday season, head over to your local taxi office and ask about Taxi Cool coupons.

Sauce: Montreal Gazette