As usual, no one mentioned decapitation but me. But there’s no other way to get the average dad to read a story about cribs unless you directly mention loping off heads. So stand down, soldier – there’s no decapitation going on here.

Nevertheless, the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously to instate a new federal standard that bans drop side cribs. See? I can already hear you snoring. This is important stuff, and you’re sleeping right through it. At least you get to sleep. Not like those poor decapitated infants.

On a more respectfully serious note, the CPSC ban will reduce the risk of accidental suffocation as a result of a baby getting trapped between the crib and drop side. has a creepy picture of a dummy stuck and smothered. And here, you thought 8BitDad was the doom-and-gloom site.

The drop side cribs are already being phased out of retailers, and will be completely gone by June, 2011.

Sauce: CNN