…and by “low”, I mean 12th. Out of 21. That’s almost halfway, dudes. A bright, non-father-related spot in the study ranked the United States #1 in “Women in Management Positions”.

Yet, according to these results, while US women are busy busting through that glass ceiling, US fathers are not at home caring for the kids.

So what was this “Family Fairness League Table”? The Fatherhood Institute, which bills itself as “The UK’s fatherhood think tank”, presented the first study of its kind – which indexed 21 countries based on 10 issues meant to gauge family “fairness”. Topics covered included: amount of time by men and women doing unpaid domestic work, ratio of men’s and women’s time spent caring for kids, and maximum full-time equivalent paid leave for fathers. Excuse the malaise, but the study’s a bit dry. For something that was supposed to appeal to men, it sure didn’t have many explosions, and I searched the PDF for the word “bacon”, and it didn’t come up once. Not once.

While this story comes out of the UK and is focused on the UK rank, you can read the whole study and see the United States’ results on individual topics.

Sauce: Fatherhood Institute