TechyDad over at DadRevolution noticed his son taking on the same fear of failure that he himself had as a child. What follows is an intimate recounting of TechyDad’s old fears, and how Mythbusters helped him explain the power of failure to his kids. Since Mythbusters is a show, that is essentially as much about disproving things as it is proving them, there’s a good amount of failure involved. Failure then becomes a chance to learn how to succeed. You know, and all that other positive crap that’s on motivational posters.

I can relate to TechyDad. Not only did I have a fear of failure as a child (and still see elements of it), I wonder sometimes if my boy, at the still-too-young-for-stress age of 1.9, is afraid to fail. My only evidence is that when we play blocks together, if one falls after he stacks it on top, he destroys the whole tower. Is he frustrated? Is he a perfectionist? Is he afraid that if one falls, the rest will too – and therefore, we might as well scrap it all?

Damn…now I’m getting worried that I’m turning my kid into a perfectionist buttbag. Thanks TechyDad.