One Missouri father is now being charged with first degree murder and armed criminal action after shooting his son’s step-father in the head. In his driveway. In. front. of. the. kid.

Larry Keith Wilson says that his son told him that he had been sexually abused in the past by his step-father, James Matthais. So, Wilson decided he was going to kill Matthais. When Matthais came to pick up the son, Wilson sent his son inside of his house a couple times to look for a gift (and not see the shooting). When the son came back out for the second time, he witnessed his father shoot his step-father. Wilson handed his son his cellphone and told him to call the police, and then left the scene because he said that he didn’t want to fight with his son.

Reading comments around the internet yield no unanimous support on either side. Some commenters said that they knew Wilson, and said he’d never do such a thing. Others say that he was mentally unstable. Some commenters say that if it had been their kid mentioning they had been sexually abused, they’d do the same as Wilson, and of course, most say that this is a tragedy that wasn’t solved by the violence.

Try to keep your heads screwed on straight, folks. Being a good father means supporting and protecting your kids – but you’re not protecting your kid by murdering someone in front of him and spending your life in jail. Now this poor kid’s got multiple things he’s got to mentally and emotionally reconcile – and no male role model to help him do it.

Sauce: Kansas City Star