How do you cope with all these new noise-making toys from Christmas? Do you take the batteries out of them? Do you glue the buttons in the “up” position at night? Do you hide the toy? Put your head through a wall?

Unfortunately, most parents, who hate the repetition of these little tunes and sounds (but somehow don’t mind their own cellphones’ ringtones and text tones), spend most of January trying to figure out how to make December’s toys go away.

Rafael Olmeda of the Sun Sentinel has an all-star idea on how to cope with the nose: play with your kid. You’ll find that when you’re down there on the ground pushing the buttons on that noisy toy with your kid, you’ll be more focused on, as he says, “the sound of your kid’s infectious laughter as he’s enjoying the little noisemaker.”

Or, you can just craigslist the noisy toys and get your kid art supplies.

Srsly though, Rafael – thanks for an unexpected ending to a Christmas gift article!

Sauce: Sun Sentinel Blog