David Petrie rang in the Christmas season by backhandedly complementing fathers, and, in thinking he was doing some elbow-in-the-ribs comedy, actually kind of belittled all the natural dads out there. You gotta read it. It’s light-hearted, and at first glance, a nice little journey from “typical guy” to father. But you can’t help but get the feeling that he’s the guy that dissents enough for a site like the Huffington Post to pick him up as a “dad writer”, but not so much that he’s actually furthering the image of fathers being just as emotionally involved and interested in their kids’ lives as mothers. He doesn’t believe it. He thinks that you’re the guys that parent your kids when asked, and even then – you have to be tricked into doing it as good as mom.”

The kicker? David’s using a big ol’ research study about MOTHERS to relate to fathers. Why not read about the fatherhood studies, and relate that to yours and your readers’ lives?

It’s okay, David – we understand. You were uncomfortable being a father – but a lot of us weren’t, aren’t, and never flinched when we “had to” tell our kids we loved them. We posted pictures of ourselves crying while holding our newborns in our arms – unafraid. We didn’t need “affection quotas”.

David, we don’t your understand you concluding question of “How can we make more fathers comfortable enough to say ‘I love you’ in their sleep?We already are that comfortable. We already do it. You and your journey are special – but it does not represent all of us. That’s okay. We still accept you as one of us.

David – I’m following you on Twitter. I’m watching you.

Sauce: Huffington Post