Typically on the streets of Los Angeles, you’ll see…well, alcohol and television show ads. But from time to time, you’ll also see a parenting ad on a bus stop. Los Angeles-based Pop Luck Club wants to make sure that you know that the face of fatherhood is changing – and their “Raise a Child” campaign posted on local bus stops is a great start.

Founded in 1998, the Pop Luck Club has grown to over 500 members, and facilitates monthly pot lucks, support groups, discussions and play dates.

“Growing up, many of us felt sadness that coming out as gay would end our dreams of parenting,” says Pop Luck board member, John Ireland. Co-president Richard Valenza of the organization wants to bring that dream back to gay fathers. “We make lunches for our kids, get them to music and karate lessons… just like every family,” Valenza says. “With this campaign, we are putting a real face on gay parenting.”

Regardless of sexual orientation, great fathers are desperately needed and undeniably appreciated. I can’t help but feel, however, like that kid in the poster is 5 seconds away from doing a header off his dads’ shoulders. It should be noted that I’m the ass that added the jerkoff flying into the pic.

Sauce: PRWeb