Julie Germany at DCI Group put up a story about the rise of the “daddy blogger” – people like the fathers here at 8BitDad, who are quickly becoming a powerful force online. That is, of course, when they’re not at home being the powerful force in their children’s lives.

Despite the fact that 8BitDad wasn’t mentioned, the article was a nice little peek into the paternal blogosphere, and how dads are coming to the forefront of the mommy-dominated blog market. You know, just in case you thought we were making all this “online dad is rad” stuff up.

In related news, the writers here at 8BitDad have been busy up to their eyeholes in full-time jobs, so lately we haven’t been able to get you guys as much witty content as we would have liked. Stick with us, we swear we’ll be funnier once we’ve got the time.

In the meantime, keep coming to 8BitDad for the fatherhood-related news we aggregate from other sources. It’s almost like we do all the web-surfing FOR you. Christ almighty, we’re helpful dudes.