Here at 8BitDad, we make it a point – no, a rule – to talk about menstruation as little as possible. And even then, we like to point out that it has the word “men” in it, and that’s got to be the only reason we’d mention it.

But we felt we would be amiss if we did not mention that while your daughter (assuming you’ve got one) is ovulating, you should not expect a phone call from her.

Here’s a quote from the abstract of Debra Lieberman, Elizabeth G. Pillsworth, and Martie G’s study, “Kin Affiliation Across the Ovulatory Cycle: Females Avoid Fathers When Fertile”:

Indeed, females of other species avoid interactions with male kin when fertile-but the corollary behavior in humans has yet to be explored. Here we fill this gap. Using duration and frequency of cell-phone calls, an objective behavioral measure that reflects motivations to interact socially, we show that women selectively avoid interactions with their fathers during peak fertility. Avoidance specifically targeted fathers, which rules out alternative explanations. These data suggest that psychological mechanisms underlying mating psychology regulate sexual avoidance behaviors, and in women they fluctuate according to fertility status.

Or, in English: If you’ve got a college-aged daughter that hasn’t called you this week, chances are she’s ovulating, and busy finding totally eligible dudes to father her children (or not father her children). Remember in Species when Natasha Henstridge was totally trying to mount every dude she could find? Let’s just say her dad’s phone wasn’t ringing off the hook.

It’s no coincidence that the chicks in Girls Gone Wild haven’t called their dads in years.

(sorry the chicks in the pic look maybe a little young for the subject matter, it was kind of all that I could find)

Sauce: Psychology Today