A couple of days ago, we – big f’ing sigh – linked to an entertainment news nugget about how much Elton John loves being a father. We commend Elton John for taking on the admirable task of being a father – and we only sigh because, well, entertainment news is chick news, and you can get that sort of thing on EVERY OTHER PARENTING SITE on the internet. You know, because Old Man Internet thinks only women are parents, and that men are too busy banging their skulls together playing some death-ball outdoors sport to surf the internet in search of news about fatherhood.

Let’s start over. A couple of days ago, we linked to a story about Elton John loving his newfound fatherhood. Sir EJ was on also on the cover of Us Magazine with his husband and son, and the jewel of Arkansas, Harps Food Store, covered the magazine with a “family shield” (seen above). You know, so that people wouldn’t see two men and a baby. Elton and his husband are just one Ted Danson away from being a hilarious 80’s comedy, and Harps is claiming that there were complaints about the magazine cover. Oh GOD, Harps. Number one, you lie. Number two, if someone complained that a black dude was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, would you cover that too? Grow up, Harps.

Enter @jennhudd on Twitter. She ratted Harps out to virtually everyone, digital grassroots style, and the story was picked up by the collective internet. Harps folded and the family shield is down, issuing the lamest statement ever on their website.

In Harps’ defense, they say that “this incident happened at just one of our 65 locations.” It’s not clear as to if the “incident” is putting up the shield or getting caught putting up the shield.

(photo lovingly stolen from Gawker and defaced)