And I agree. When my wife and I go out for dinner alone (lolz, as if this ever happens), I tip decently, depending on service. But let’s be honest – when we bring our 2 year old to a restaurant, he generates more mess. More mess equals more work. And being a parent, I understand what goes into cleaning up after him – that’s why, after all, we’re out for dinner and not mopping food off our own floor. At least we’ll bring some Table Toppers and try to minimize the flavor-explosions while we’re out.

The best point made in the article is that kid’s meals are generally less expensive – which brings the meal’s check total down, meaning less tip. Yet, the level of clean-up is higher. This is where parents need to switch their targeting computer off and trust in the force. Remember that picking up after your kid sucks, especially when it entails wiping off a booth so that the next old bag to sit in it doesn’t get a stain on her pantsuit and stick the restaurant with the bill.

Check out the post at Consumerist, then follow their link on over to Seattle Pi for the whole story. Why don’t I just link to Seattle Pi directly, you ask? Why don’t you be the reader and I’ll be the writer, mmkay?

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